Case Study Century Concrete

Century Concrete Co.

Ready-Mix Facility

The new Ready-Mix facility is a state of the art production center for Century Concrete Company. This plant incorporates underground storage for various aggregates that feed to the mixer via conveyors, all controlled by their proprietary dispatch system.


  • Meeting the strict guidelines of Kansas City, Kansas’ design policies for industrial facilities
  • Designing the new facility which sits in the FEMA flood plain.
  • Creating structures that will not hinder the flood plain.
  • Working with-in very tight property line constraints.


  • As the project’s architect and construction manager, RDB was able to design and incorporate structures that sit above the flood plain and will not impede the flow of storm water.
  • RDB incorporated underground structures that will not collapse or become compromised due to ground water constraints.
  • RDB designed and incorporated various integral “landscape” around the site to soften the impact of the structure with in the context of it’s surrounds.


  • The new facility has optimized the production of ready-mix to faster serve Century’s customer base.
  • The scale of the building is recognizable from the surrounding highway system enhancing their branding and visibility in the community.
  • The facility incorporates the most efficient LED lighting and other energy saving ideas such as the integral translucent wall and roof panels for daylighting through out the interior.
  • This facility is now their number one producer of read-mix with in the Kansas city area.