Design Build Case Study Hodgdon Powder

Hodgdon Powder Company

Office Building Remodel

The newly revamped Hodgdon Powder Company office building is a 5000 square foot remodel that was completed in spring 2012. Complete with a museum and lodge-style décor, the new space helps Hodgdon, one of the largest producers of gun powder and propellants, service its clientele: sportsmen, government units, and businesses.


  • Hodgdon needed a unique interior feel that communicated the nature of its decades-old business: weapon powering ammunition.
  • Hodgdon also wanted to showcase the company’s history and collection of relics in an original way.


  • As the project’s architect and general contractor, RDB came up with a lodge-style design to visually reinforce Hodgdon’s product lines using an antique weaponry and hunting motif.
  • RDB also designed and implemented an intricate museum space to accommodate hundreds of historical pieces.


  • Visitors are now greeted by a grand exterior stone entry and a space that invokes nature and tradition through a mixture of unique wooden finishes including: light wood shelving units, dark wood ceilings, and tree trunk pillars.
  • Hodgdon’s large collection of art, taxidermy, photography, awards, and other collectables are on display under a complex spotlight system to educate visitors and commemorate the company’s founding.