Case Study Lenexa Town Center Parking Structure

Lenexa City Center East Village

Parking Structure

The new Parking Structure is a 75,276 square foot structure on two floors comprising 235 parking stalls. Completed in October 2013. The garage was constructed for B.E. Smith & Co., the owner and tenant of the adjacent office building.


  • Meeting the strict guidelines of Lenexa City Center’s design policies
  • Designing the new facility around the existing foundation systems from the previous structure on the site.
  • Integrating the new facility’s design elements with the approved business center standards
  • Working with-in very tight property line constraints.


  • As the project’s architect and general contractor, RDB was able to design and incorporate building elements from the adjacent office tower, thus achieving the look of a building extension and not as a parking structure
  • RDB incorporated various screening elements in the aluminum framing to mimic the glazing found on the office building
  • RDB designed and incorporated various integral “green” areas to soften the impact of the structure and allow plant material to grow with and on the structure


  • The new facility has the appearance of an office building while shielding the vehicles from exterior view
  • The scale of the design elements is pedestrian friendly and presents a street like façade further enhancing the feel of and office structure
  • The new facility incorporates eco-friendly plantings surrounding the exterior and in planters on the second level. Several “vine climbing” panels are located around the exterior elevations to soften the architectural elements.
  • Integral LED lighting is employed throughout the structure creating a soft, energy saving light source while providing needed security.