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Why The Pre-Construction Phase is Critical for Your Commercial Construction Project

Every new commercial project begins with an idea. But, for the project to seamlessly go from conception to build – there’s a lot of critical decisions to be made. And one minor setback can throw the entire scope off.

Therefore, to make your build a reality, a distinct strategy must be set in place. Pre-construction services offers the perfect opportunity to do so. This phase makes the most efficient use of your resources to execute the build on time and within budget.

At Rose Design Build, Inc. we offer pre-constructions services as part of our design build process to offer our clients a competitive advantage for their commercial construction project.

Before you break ground, here’s why the pre-construction phase is critical to your build’s success.

Leads to Better Communication

For every commercial project, communication is imperative. This is especially true during the pre-construction phase.

Before the project begins, this phase establishes a thorough understanding of your business goals and allows your design build team to align the project tasks accordingly.

Uniting these communication efforts early-on offers a valuable opportunity to review plans, technical specs, and constraints. In the end, you get an accurate schedule, appropriate budget, and a great strategy for accomplishing your vision.

Offers Industry-Leading Expertise

Working with a design build firm ensures you have a knowledgeable partner from the start. A design build team combines unique perspectives, foresight, and skills needed to get the job done.

Each member provides years of industry-leading expertise and hands on experience with focused effort of consistent delivery to exceed your expectations. They’re able design plans for the size, layout, style, and building materials needed to make your vision a reality.

Utilizing this expertise before the project begins maximizes your value while empowering you to make informed decisions along the way.

Mitigates Risks Before the Project Starts

During a commercial project build, bottlenecks can occur. Labor and material costs, compliance issues, and many other feasibility factors can all have a major impact on the scope of work.

And not working through these barriers ahead of time is risky for the totality of the build.
Fortunately, pre-construction services help mitigates risks.

This proactive approach can have significant impact on the design decisions which shape the outcome of a project. Road blocks can easily be identified and resolved prior to the start of construction.

Partner with Rose Design Build, Inc. for Pre-Construction Services in Kansas City

For a successful commercial construction build, partner with Rose Design Build, Inc. From initial discovery to fully validated documentation, we’re committed to excellence before, during, and after each commercial construction project.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the benefits of our pre-construction services. We look forward to building with you.